Domino Pads Cloth Pad Care:

Please wash your cloth pads before using them for the first time. If you are sensitive to certain detergents you could even wash them twice before use: once without detergent to flush out any detergent residue, once with a gentle detergent of your choice.

Domino Pads Care of Cloth Pads – featuring Domino Pads Customers!!!

  • Optional: cold rinse before washing may keep stains from setting
  • Wash on medium (105 degrees Fahrenheit/ 40 degrees Celsius) or below
  • Avoid fabric softeners
  • Do not use bleach
  • A detergent with less residue building ingredients will ensure maximum absorbency (see for examples)
  • Dry on low

The temperature recommendations follow the care instructions of Malden Mills, the manufacturer of Wind Pro.

Many Approaches to Caring for Cloth Pads

Disclaimer: The above video and the accounts of laundry routines below contain descriptions of how different people launder their cloth pads. The purpose is to show what works well for these women.

We are not experts in disease control. To get advice on how to prevent the spread of diseases in regards to pad care, please consult your gynecologist.

Stains sometimes occur in the natural fiber topped pads (less so in the Minkee versions). However, this is limited if the reusable cloth pads are rinsed out or soaked in cold water immediately after use (or use optional step above).

You can also use mild soap or a small amount of laundry detergent to scrub the cloth pads with cold water, rinse and wash later.

Especially for the hand dyed cloth pads we do not recommend the use of peroxide as it may lead to fading of the gorgeous colors.

Drying cloth pads in sunlight can help to fade stains. Keep in mind that stains are simply a discoloration of the fiber and to not affect use, softness or hygiene.

Some customers simply wash their pads with their regular clothes.

Special Considerations when washing Cloth Pads with Diapers

Many customers, who are using cloth diapers, wash their pads with their diapers. If you are considering this option please verify that the care instructions are compatible. For example care instructions for pocket diapers like Fuzzi Bunz state not to exceed temperatures beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit so it would be safe to wash your pads with them.

However if you use diapers that are washed on much higher temperatures (pre-folds, etc.) it may exceed safe temperatures for Wind Pro.

A few final Thoughts on Cloth Pad Care

If you are at all concerned about washing your pads with anything else, you are of course encouraged to simply wash them by themselves! šŸ™‚

The soaker fabrics have been washed twice on hot before sewing. As with all natural fibers, absorbency will increase the more often they have been washed.