What Makes Domino Pads Cloth Pads Unique?

High Quality Materials and a Comfort Conscious Design!

Need more info on our Materials, especially as it pertains to PFOA, PFAS? Check out our Materials Page!

Domino Pads cloth pads

  • Are HEMP FREE, resulting in a softer and less odor retaining pad
  • Are designed to conform to your body/panty to provide maximum coverage with minimum bulk.
  • Have no-bulk, single layer flaps/wings resulting in pads that feel like underwear – not like a diaper!
  • Use breathable, leak-proof Windpro Fleece as our barrier layer instead of non-breathable PUL
  • Are vegan friendly and contain absolutely no animal products
  • Have an open ends design to allow for more airflow in the dryer, resulting in a shorter drying time!
  • Are handmade in Texas!
  • Are available in 3 skin friendly options: hand dyed organic bamboo, cozy minky or quick wicking KeepDry jersery
  • Serged with cozy soft Woolly Nylon to make even the seams oustandlingly comfortable
Domino Pads are handmade in Texas
Care instructions are on the back of each pad
KEEPDRY with Silvadur is a quick wicking material to keep you dry
Bamboo is soft and comfortable
Minky is plush and cozy
Our chart is an easy way to find the material that suits you best
Our single layer design keeps the wings very thin

Leaving the ends open allows for faster drying time

Have a look at the comparison chart here to learn more about the different cloth pad materials

For your convenience inner liners of our cloth pads are color-coded:

The reusable cloth pads made from bamboo are available in these hand-dyed color patterns:

On Fire, Earth Mama, Emerald City, Very Berry, Raspberry Pop, Stormy Skies, Midnight Tulip & Starry Night

Please note that our dye technique yields natural variances in color intensity and pattern. Each pad is unique. Your hand-dyed order will not look exactly like the samples displayed above. Curious about how they are made? Check it out on our ‘Making Cloth Pads’ page

Domino Pads cloth pads made with minky are available in these patterns:

Raspberry Slush, Rainforest, Citrus Slush, Spice, Lagoon, Grape Aid, Huckleberry & Aqua Sea

Domino Pads are available in 7 sizes and 4 different absorbency levels:

  • Quince size pad, approximately 13.5″ soaker/ 15″ liner in length (available in heavy and extra heavy absorbency)
  • Long/Plus size pad, approximately 12″ soaker/ 13″ liner in length (available in light, medium, heavy and extra heavy absorbency)
  • Regular length pad, approximately 10.5″ soaker/11.5″ liner in length (available in medium, heavy and extra heavy absorbency)
  • Pantyliner approximately 8.5″ soaker/ 9.5″ liner in length (available only in light absorbency)
  • Petite size pad, approximately 8.5″ soaker/ 9.5″ liner in length (available in medium, heavy and extra heavy absorbency)
  • Petite Liner approximately 7″ soaker/ 8″ liner in length (available only in light absorbency)
  • Thong Liner approximately 6″ soaker/ 7″ liner in length (available only in light absorbency)

The width differs slightly between the petite cloth pads and regular cloth pads. The regular pads measure 2.75″ across the center when snapped. Long Domino Pads measure approx. 3.00″across and petite pads 2.5″.
Who should wear petite and who should wear regular? We have come up with a general guideline: Users below 5’4″ or 130 pounds often find the petite size more suitable. Wearers at 5’4″ and above or over 130 pounds most often prefer the regular size range.