How many pads will I need?

How many cloth pads you will need will greatly depend on your own ‘flow’ as well as what absorbencies you choose. It will also depend on how often you do laundry. In other words it really varies by user.

Many customers have told us that our heavy absorbency pads hold more than reusable pads from other brands so you may be able to use fewer pads.

It’s always best to just buy a few in different absorbencies (check out the variety pack!) to get an idea of what works well for you before buying a whole stash.

A stash of about a dozen cloth pads works well for most people.

I am 4’2″/6’5″ – what size should I order?

As a general guide the petite size range works well for users below 5’4″/130 lbs and regular works well for 5’4″/130lbs and above

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship to Canada/Australia/Mars/etc.?

Yes! We gladly ship anywhere you’d like us to.

As long as you have an address you can receive our products .  All orders are currently handled through the MeLuna USA website.

As an International Customer, How can I save on Shipping/Customs Fees/Time?

We are always happy to expand our group of retailers. If you have a favorite store in your country, please suggest carrying Domino Pads to them!

How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are calculated by the shopping cart software based on weight and location.

Do you have any kind of warranty?

Yes. We have a lifetime snap warranty. If your snap comes off, send it back and we will replace it for free.

Do you accept returns?

We would never send you a cloth pad that’s been handled by another customer previously. As a personal care product pads are not returnable for that reason.


Can I call my order in by phone?

We currently are not able to accept credit cards by phone. Credit card processing is of course available online through the MeLuna USA website.

How quickly will I get my order?

Since making the switch to fulfillment through MeLuna USA our cloth pads ship out within 3 business days!

Do you accept co-op orders?

The MeLuna USA shopping cart is set to apply a 10% discount to any pad order of 10 or more individual pads.

No co-op account is needed for that. For larger group orders we suggest contacting MeLuna USA for a co-op account.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Wholesale inquiries are handled through MeLuna USA. Please simply click the ‘Enter the Store’ tab to get there.

Care & Materials

How do I care for them?

Care instructions can be found here.

Why are Domino Pads only available in black?

Malden Mills manufactures Wind Pro in many different textures and colors. The texture we are looking for is a very thin fleece with a low profile in a color that continues to be available. This provides consistency for our customers.

The black Wind Pro is guaranteed to be available and has the perfect lightweight and low profile weave for our pads. You can order one pad today and order more 6 months from now knowing the quality and texture are exactly the same

Do Domino Pads come in prints?

No. Neither the fleece nor the bamboo velour are available in prints however hand dyed bamboo velour is available. You CAN get hand stamped collectors pads in the Collector’s Cloth Pad subscription.

Why should I choose Domino Pads ?

The decision which reusable cloth pad works best for you is a very personal one. Domino Pads’ design has evolved over time and is unique both in choice of materials as well as construction.

The materials used in Domino Pads are more expensive than many others but are superior in performance and comfort. For example 1 yard of Wind Pro costs nearly $20 versus $6 of Joann’s type fleece but Wind Pro by far exceeds strength and leak-resistant capabilities of other fleeces while at the same time being ultra thin and less bulky. A great pad is a joy to own and use for years to come.

We do not offer cheap pads cheaply – We offer a pad made with outstanding materials and craftsmanship at the best price possible.

Domino Pads is currently the top rated pad on The DiaperPin.

Do you use natural dyes to dye the bamboo velour?

We initially investigated the option to use natural dyes but decided against them because of the mordant necessary to make the natural dyes last.

I use synthetic Procion dyes which require only Soda Ash as the fixative.
Some additional info on natural dyes can be found here:

All of our pads are of course still available in natural/un-dyed.

How long will my Domino Pads last?

I don’t know! My first pair is only about 5 years old and still looks great. Like any other garment, frequency of wear and care will influence how they hold up.

Can I use Domino Pads for incontinence?

Yes! Domino Pads are very absorbent and work great for mild to moderate incontinence problems. Check out the quick wicking Sport Jersey version of our cloth pads. Sneeze and laugh as much as you want to!

Are the fabrics you use organic/biodegradable/recyclable?

All bamboo fabrics are blends of bamboo and organic cotton.
Bamboo velour has a small percentage of synthetic fiber (2 percent) for durability.

Wind Pro is not biodegradable however it can be recycled as polyester where available.

We have investigated the option of using washable wool as an alternative to WindPro but there currently are no resin-free washable wool materials available on the market.

The majority of washable wool is made washable by covering the fibers with a synthetic resin which is of course not really desirable for customers choosing wool because they want natural materials.

At this point we are happy to offer pads completely free of animal products

What materials are the soaker layers made out of?

All of the soaker layers are made of various bamboo blend fabric. In general bamboo blend fabrics (like bamboo fleece and bamboo terry) refers to a combination of bamboo and cotton but as you can see above some bamboo blends also contain synthetic fibers. We no not use any hemp in our pads (for more info please see the ‘About Domino Pads‘ page)

Do you make reusable pads to wear with thongs?

YES! We are now offering Domino PadsTM thong liners

General Pad Info

How does the cost of disposables compare to that of reusables?

As a general rule reusable pads replace disposables at a rate of 1 to 110 – meaning an ordinary reusable pad replaces around 110 disposables. Keep in mind though that we use WindPro instead of PUL and Bamboo instead of cotton. Both of those materials wear much better over time. The WindPro doesn’t break down like the plastic film in PUL and the bamboo doesn’t pill like cotton flannel. I still have my pads I made 6 years ago and really can’t see a difference in the materials to those I made 6 months ago.

I would say a reusable pad made from higher quality materials could easily replace disposables at a rate of 1 to 140. Maybe more. I just haven’t owned them long enough to see when one of our pads would wear down! lol

I’ve never used reusable pads before. Why should I?

U.S. women landfill or incinerate 11.3 billion disposable menstrual products per year.

Reusable menstrual products are not just better for the planet but also are more comfortable to wear. Many women report shorter, milder periods once they discontinue the use of disposable menstrual products that have been bleached and contain synthetic gelling crystals. For a very informative article about what is lurking in your disposable menstrual products please click here.