How it all Started

I grew up in Germany but have lived here in Texas with my family for many years. We enjoy spending time in nature and have always strived to live in harmony with it.

Having kids has really been a great catalyst in taking this desire a step further.

Shortly before my son, Duncan, was born I had collected a nice stash of cloth diapers for him. Duncan was our first child and much research went into how we wanted to welcome him into this world (he was born at home with midwives), how we wanted to raise him (practice attachment parenting) and what products we would want to use (environmentally friendly and safe for his body).

He was born at home and while the birth was the wonderful experience we had been hoping for, the recovery was anything but.
Duncan was a big baby at 23 inches and nearly 10 pounds. He was nursing for 45 minutes at a time with little breaks in between. We were still practicing our latch on so nursing laying down wasn’t yet an option.

Sitting up was extremely painful though. I felt like the wimpiest new mother in the world. How could others give birth and immediately go back to normal activities when I was barely able to sit to nurse my child?

Then one day I decided to use the inserts I had made for Duncan (to protect his cloth diapers from meconium stains in the early days) as menstrual pads.

The difference was immediately noticeable. I felt so much better. The soreness was gone. It was fantastic.

The Quest for the Best Pad is on!

For the next birth – my daughter, Annika – I used cloth pads exclusively and was finally able to really enjoy my babymoon, be back to normal activities within hours of her birth and not be miserable for weeks like I was after my first birth. It was so much more enjoyable!

I wish I had known that much of my postpartum discomfort after my first child was due to a sensitivity to the drying/gelling crystals in disposable menstrual products. I could have spared myself weeks of misery.

Who is making Your Pads?

I started on my quest for the ‘Perfect Pad’ shortly after Duncan’s birth.

I really wanted to create a pad that would be above and beyond what was already available on the market and we investigated new materials as well as perfected the actual manufacturing process.

Cutting the liners by hand was tedious and often inaccurate. We learned of a way to convert a shop press into a clicker press and had cutting dies made for it. So from then on each liner came out perfectly!

Domino Pads started out as a one-woman operation. I have since taken on new responsibilities and demand for the pads has grown beyond of what one person could create.

At this time we have our amazing seamstresses Liz and Tonia, who are making the pads for you.


After years on the market Domino Pads have gone through quite a few refinements. But we never stop thinking about how we could further improve them and we are always open to suggestions.

In fact some of our best ideas have come from customers!

I know you have many choices when it comes to reusable menstrual products – Thank You for choosing us!