Not sure which Domino Pad is the best cloth pad for you? Please see the chart below for pros and cons of different cloth pad materials (sorry we no longer carry ‘Silkee’)

This is a close up of ProCool Sport Jersey.

This is a close up of Domino Pads Sport. We are offering this version of Domino Pads for people who want a cool top without any ‘fluff’ on top. Because it is fluff-free it is more likely than the other two to eventually show some pilling.

*Minkee fabric is mass produced but has variations in the appearance of the material

** In regards to Domino Pads dyes:

We initially investigated the option to use natural dyes but decided against them because of the mordant necessary to make the natural dyes last.

I use synthetic Procion dyes which require only Soda Ash as the fixative.

Some additional info on natural dyes can be found here:

All of our pads are of course still available in natural/un-dyed – no synthetic dyes AND no mordant!