For a limited time we are giving away free Lunette wipes with Lunette cup purchase – a $4.99 value!

The wipes are a great way to disinfect the cup before your period or after when you get ready to store it away.

A word of caution: if you are like me and don’t bother with instructions you may be tempted to mistake these as personal hygiene wipes… DON’T!

Let’s just say it’s beyond refreshing if you try 😉 – these wipes are for the cup only!

To get your free box of wipes when you order your new Lunette cup or Lunette Starter Pack simply add a box of wipes from the separate listing to your shopping cart and enter the coupon code FREEWIPES.

Please note: There’s an option to add wipes to your cup order by checking a box underneath the cup choices- this will NOT work with the coupon code so in order to use the coupon code you will need to add the wipes from their separate listing

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