Opt-Out of Freebies Option

Excited about the new website design I have been playing around with the flower image. I ended up crafting some Domino Pads glass magnets and clearly I want to bestow these little glass pieces upon my Domino Pads customers!
I used really good magnets because I hate getting some promotional magnetic thing and it not holding even a postage stamp. Who wants to pick up stuff in front of the fridge all the time? So rest assured our Domino Pads glass magnets are unsurpassed as far as usability goes!
BUT: I know how it is with trying to avoid the accumulation of unnecessary stuff. I am giving you the option to opt out of freebies.
On our shopping site we have the ‘Free with Purchase’ section where you can select a free sample with your order (wipes, tea, soap or one of our new glass magnets). Now you can also choose the option ‘Do not include any freebies’ to specify that you not only don’t want to pick a sample but also really do not wish to be surprised with any freebies in your package.
I hope that this solution will work out well for everybody: those that want a specific sample, those that don’t mind me sending them one of my crafty little magnets and those that really want to avoid getting any unnecessary trinket of any kind.

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