Swiffer Reusables Revisited

A long, long time ago I wrote a blog post about making your own Swiffer Pad refills (because I happen to love the convenience of swiffers).
Here is the old blog post on that.

My friend Amy went nuts with that idea and started a company called MicroMops.
Because a person can only take so much microfiber fuzz in their lifetime, she eventually handed over MicroMops to Heather of http://heathersgreenhomegoods.com/. Heather also makes our fabulous wetbags for us by the way!
So if you are not into making your own reusable pads, you can get some snazzy ones from Heather at her website (I think she even has a 25% off coupon code on there right now).

But the trickiest part always remained: How to refill that silly wetjet bottle. Those things just don’t come open!!! And then I found the instructions on youtube. How easy and brilliant!
Check it out:

So there.. you are all set with Swiffer Goodness. 😉 Enjoy


Retail Packaging Now Available

For those wanting to give Domino Pads as a gift or for our Domino Pads Retailers we now offer the option of having the pads shipped in retail packaging.
The packaging includes a header card (with UPC code if you wish) and an informative brochure on the inside of the package. The pad is safely contained inside a clear bag to allow customers to easily see the beautiful color variations of each one-of-a-kind pad.
The packaging is of course entirely optional. We still are happy to ship the pads ‘naked’, if you prefer.