Are You Traveling Without A Spare?

I remember when I still used disposable products I always had a tampon in my purse.
Especially when you don’t use hormone based birth control it’s often hard to predict the specific day your period will start.
After switching to cloth a few years ago I stopped carrying that spare tampon.
I am not sure why. I do remember being caught without protection somewhere away from home. Annoying! Uncomfortable! Embarrassing 🙁
And so after several years of this I had the brilliant idea to carry spares again!
I have an extra cup in the glove compartment in my car* and I carry an extra pad in a pad envelop in my purse. So nice to know that wherever I go, I have what I need. 🙂

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*in regards to concerns about exposing the Lunette and other silicone cups to extreme temperatures I got the following response from Lunette:
our Lunette is made of the highest possible medical-grade silicone that can handle extreme temperatures. It has to, because it comes from Finland. And our winters are freezing!
It can also handle hot temperatures just fine. So you can store your Lunette in your car, don´t worry.

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