Ordering Special Edition Bamboo Velour Owl Pads

Monday, October 3rd will be the day we post our hand stamped and painted bamboo velour choices on Facebook!
There will be a total of 15 different fabric pieces for your consideration with 2 different owl motives.
It took me quite awhile to develop the perfect process for this. The stamps were made to use with paint but of course paint that would cover the fibers would affect the texture of the fabric so we had to think of a way to stamp with dye instead of paint. Unfortunately dye doesn’t adhere to the stamps!
We had to come up with a carrier medium that would adhere to the stamps and accept the dyes. The image was left to dry and ironed. Afterwards a fine brush was used to fill in details and the fixative was painted over the image.
Normally dyed fabrics are immersed in the fixative but in the case of stamped images this would destroy the image and was not an acceptable solution.
Only after washing and drying the pieces can we be sure what the final result looks like.
Who would have thought that stamping an image onto fabric would turn out to be so time intensive?!
The way ordering will work is that you will order through our site Domino Pads and therefore choose your desired absorbency, etc. but you must reserve the piece of fabric you want in our Photo Album on Facebook.
The pictures will be posted October 3rd.

1. look through the photo album. The pictures will include info on colors as well as fabric size. Choose the appropriate fabric piece and ‘claim’ it by commenting. Every one listed is an OOAK (one of a kind)
2. order the pad you want made out of it (make sure size matches) and choose ‘owl pad’ in the drop down menu for bamboo velour patterns.
3. check out. Under your shipping info is a field for “special instructions’. Use this field to specify which piece of fabric you have reserved.
That’s it!

This is a limited edition production. There are 15 pieces to be sold though the website/Facebook and 1 piece is being sold at auction on Hyenacart.

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