An Opportunity to Save

Have you noticed our pads go up in price with absorbency?
That is because we use bamboo blend fabrics for all soaker layers and the materials are expensive (but well worth it).
Here’s a little secret though:
Compared to other brands we are generally very generous in what we label medium/heavy/etc. meaning compared to other brands you may get an extra layer and extra absorbency.
What does that mean to you?
If for example you have been successfully wearing a heavy absorbency pad in another brand, your best option when trying out Domino Pads may be to start with a medium absorbency pad in Domino Pads.
You will end up with a thinner pad at lower cost than if you simply shop by absorbency levels based on what you may have worn previously in other brands.
By the same token if you have never found a cloth pad that has had enough absorbency/capacity for you, we just may have the pad for you!

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