Confused By So Many Options?

With so many absorbency levels to choose from we thought it would be helpful to create a little guide!
We distinguish between liners and pads. Therefore petite liners, pantyliners and thong liners are intended for use on light days, slight discharge or as back up to cups.
They will most likely not be completely sufficient for moderate incontinence or heavier menstruation days.
While on first glance it looks like we offer simply 4 different absorbency levels in the pads we want you to be aware that you are actually also looking at two different designs. Pads without the ‘extra’ specification have the same absorbency level throughout the whole pad. Pads with the ‘extra’ specification have an additional layer of absorbent material directly in the center of the pad.
For example a heavy absorbency pad may be more appropriate (or vice versa) in some situations than a medium extra simple based on your specific flow pattern.
These vary by individual as well as situation:
Sitting all day in the office? A medium extra with extra absorbency right in the center and trimmer/thinner ends may be perfect!
Looking for a pad to sleep in? The heavy with equally strong absorbent layers front to back may be your best choice.
As always if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website!

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