Design Change to Liners

Based on customer feedback we decided to make a small design change to the pantyliners and petite liners. You’ve asked for trimmer, thinner liners and here they are!

This design change affects only petite liners and pantyliners. Our thong liners are a different design all together and will not be affected by this change.
What in particular has changed?
Our pantyliners still consist of 1 top layer, 1 absorbent bamboo blend layer and 1 color coding layer to make it easy to tell all of your pads apart.
We have changed the type of bamboo blend layer we are using and also have chosen a different fabric for our color coding layer.
This change has resulted in a significantly thinner pad and we hope the new design finds your approval!

We have a small number of ready to ship pantyliners and petite liners available on closeout sale on our Facebook Page for 30% off!

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